Where Are They Now-Schneider/Wetzel

The Michigan State University Varsity S Club had the opportunity to follow-up with two recent graduates and asked them what they were up to now.  Apparently, they have been making great strides in the film and marketing industry working as young ambitious, entrepreneurial minded, producers and creative directors.  These two young men are Kurt Schneider and Keenan Wetzel

Kurt joined the MSU Track and Field team on a high jump scholarship in 2009. During his time with the team he became a two time All-American in the Decathlon as well as an Academic and Athletic All Big Ten member. While competing at MSU he double majored in Film and Business Marketing. Kurt discovered Eightfold Creative when he connected with his classmate Nick Stachurski who is the company’s owner. Eightfold Creative turned out to be a great fit because it allowed Kurt to put both his marketing and film degrees to use. In his 6 months with the company Kurt has helped to produce over 25 regionally aired commercials.

                                              Kurt Schneider                                                                                                     Keenan Wetzel

Keenan began his collegiate basketball career playing on an aircraft carrier in the “Carrier Classic” in 2011 and his career ended with a Final Four appearance in Indianapolis in 2015. Joining the MSU Spartans as preferred walk-on, Keenan’s work ethic earned him the “Tim Bograkos Walk-on Award” in 2014 and an athletic scholarship his senior year. Playing on three Big Ten championship teams, Keenan was a fan favorite who was often called upon to host and speak at Michigan State University fundraising events. He also wrote and directed the short film "The Cager" with the help of Eightfold Creative his senior year.

These recent MSU varsity athlete graduates are among a team of eight young film and marketing entrepreneurs engaging customers and audiences through filmmaking, video production, advertising, marketing, writing, web design, photography and editing.  Despite being such a young company, Eightfold has developed working relationships with some of the largest companies in the mid-Michigan area. Through their passion for both marketing and storytelling, Eightfold Creative delivers their clients messages through a channel of cinematic commercial production. Over the past year the team has produced over 50 regionally aired commercials, a short film, and several music videos.
Check out their website at www.eightfold-marketing.com or email them at eightfoldmarketing@gmail.com for any inquires.


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