Scott Westerman
SCOTT WESTERMAN - MSU Varsity 'S' Club Honorary Member - 2013
Scott Westerman
His 40 year telecommunications career spans every corner of the industry. 
As a broadcaster, cable television executive and entrepreneur, he has been involved in business start-ups, corporate acquisitions, and process improvement activities in a wide array of organizations. 
He began his broadcasting career in as a student at MSU, working as an announcer, account executive and engineer at WILS and WVIC.
After a 17 year association with Continental Cablevision and its successor, MediaOne, Westerman developed and launched a series of businesses, from international broadcasting, to the Internet, to aviation leasing. 
During his career in cable telecommunications, he built and operated cable communications systems in ten states, and was among the first in the industry to deploy pay-per-view, high speed Internet, business to business data services and telephony. 
He was an early pioneer of podcasting and social media, launching MSU's Spartan Podcast in 2003 and contributing to Comcast’s groundbreaking Twitter customer care strategy. His interests include renewable energy where he was an early adopter of alternative fuel technology, driving a diesel vehicle he converted to run on recycled vegetable oil.
Westerman is a 1978 graduate of Michigan State University. He is a 2001 distinguished alumnus of the College of Communications Arts and Sciences and is a founding contributor to the Scott & Colleen Westerman Technology Endowment.
After serving as a local club officer in several states, a volunteer, lecturer and national MSU alumni board member, he joined the University in January of 2010 as Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the MSU Alumni Association.
Westerman is the author of two books: "Touch And Go - A Story of Flight" and "The Spartan Life" a collection of essays on leadership.
He and his wife, Colleen, live in East Lansing.

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