George D. Johnson



George D. Johnson

George D. Johnson came from West Bloomfield, Michigan to study Human Resources at Michigan State University (MSU) in 1982. Within his time at MSU, George was a manager on the basketball team from 1982-1986 and later earned his B.S. in Social Science in 1987.

George has done a lot for his community and has given back to MSU and many different cities in Michigan, such as Traverse City, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. George has volunteered for the MSU Alumni Association (2003-2009) serving two years as a Chair Member, two years on the Program Committee, one year on the Homecoming Planning Committee and one year on Membership drive at graduation. He also helped raise money with MSU Fund (2005) for the recreation of the bronze Spartan Statute. George has worked with numerous scholarships and funds such as the George and Maria Endowed Scholarship and the Steve Smith Scholarship Fund putting countless hours coaching, mentoring, and resume writing with current student-athletes and managers. Throughout these years, George has also worked with MSU and Ford Motor Company In-house Campaign (1995- 2005), which raised over $2 Million dollars as part of the planning and soliciting Ford Motor/MSU Alumni.

George’s aspiration to benefit the community aided in an outstanding community involvement endeavors. He has attended over nine fund raisers, such as the United Negro College Fund, the Detroit Institute for Children Fund, and the Don Bosco Hall of Detroit fund raisers (just to name a few). George was also asked to speak at many events as a guest speaker and an award recipient from colleges including Michigan State University, Howard University, University of Virginia and Texas A&M. George has received countless professional accomplishments over the past 11 years. George now works at Spectrum Health as the Director of Talent Management for Physicians Leadership.

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